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Is the weather giving you a Spring in your step?


We are having the weirdest "Winter" in our recollection. 

A few weeks ago was the topper. A thunderstorm in February, broken up by a bout of hail, is one for the diary for sure. When we checked the weather apps this morning, we were told only a 30% chance of rain, and not until noon. The sky was beautiful and blue, the sun bright and warm... glorious.


Then the sky turned dark.


The temperature perhaps stayed the same, but if felt colder. 


I had thought perhaps it was just trucks driving over bumps in the roadway at first, but then the real rumble of thunder broke out, followed by the cracks of lightening. We had crews out doing some early season garden edging; it was not long before they called in to say there were going to have to head back. As they were driving back they had lightening strike not far from the truck, and hail followed soon after. It was a collective decision that today would be an inside play kind of day.


This did not change much for my duties personally, as I have been engulfed in computer screens since last week, working on our first round of estimates for the Spring/Summer seasons. Now we have a few hundred estimates waiting for the finishing touches (and approval from the Boss) before we send them out. Our estimates sent out early in the season contain what we have coined our "Money Saving Packages" where we share the complete lawn care options we have, along with the recommendation of our 10% discount for those who pre-pay for their seasons' services. This is our way of passing along our gratitude. 


Now that we have prepared for our recurrent customers, it is a good time to suggest that if you were curious about having us take care of your lawn's needs, now is a good time to inquire. The oddly warm weather enables us to assess properties quickly and efficiently without having to wait for a "melt". The Money Saving Packages are available to new customers if it is before we start property visits. This is a great opportunity to get a jump on refreshing your property. Our estimates can be customized with additional services if there is something specific you are looking for too.


If this thunder and lightening, wanna-be Spring storm, has you looking at your lawn anew, give us a call - we could help the grass to be greener this season.

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April 25, 2024
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July 22, 2020
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