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The Holidays Are Coming!

The common theme of conversation in our office lately seems to rotate around the fact that time is passing uncomfortably fast, and we are already almost halfway through December!


Not only, dare we say it aloud, have we NOT had show -le gasp- but it does not look like there is to be much snow in the forecast for awhile yet. Now, this is ignoring the premonition from Jody that the weather stations will (with a great deal of hope) forecast that we will have snow on Christmas eve - because, as he points out, we all hope for a white Christmas.   


Jeremy gaily tells me there is only 18 days until New Years. I feel about ready to bury my head in the sand. I am NOT ready for this! We have family gatherings on the horizon; all of which I have tried to plan for, but held off picking up items since I didn't want to be too early. Now, I am second guessing and swallowing the urge to rush t the shops to purchase everything I need! We have dinner at my husband's parents, Christmas day we will stay home and enjoy the peace, and then Boxing Day we are having both his family and my family over for dinner! We are going to rock it a bit traditional, appetizers of kielbasa with fried perogies, cheese, crackers, deviled eggs, M&M Meats Asian party pack, baked Brie, chips & dip, tortilla pinwheels (another first attempt for me), and fancy punch (my husband is set on a recipe from his childhood). This is to be followed by a traditional turkey as the main, with a root vegetable/brussel sprout medley in balsamic vinegar, milk bread, squash, cauliflower and cheese, cranberry sauce, potatoes, parsnips, three bean salad.. debating a pasta addition of some kind but... would that be too much? Dessert is a Yule log from Ritzy's bakery in Waterford, along with small temptations like rice krispie squares, perhaps a cheese cake sampler, and trifle (I have been practicing mimicking my grandmother's trifle).

So,there is that plan.


However, the more pressing short term concern is this Saturday we are having another set of parents over for dinner - with an attempt at something different, Quail and lamb with extras. Not sure if it has been done before, certainly not by me, but there you have it! I have to figure out my sides for this as well... thinking roasted potatoes, egg fried rice, asparagus, butternut squash, maybe a cucumber salad for some crisp freshness? Dessert will likely be decided the day of, perhaps with something our parents bring to the table. For bread we may break tradition a little and have Challah bread as that is a favourite... I wish I could say I baked it myself, but it eludes me so far. 


... the holidays are coming, and all I can worry about are the meals! 

I haven't even started on presents. I am not a big fan of presents, I am more about the time together and enjoying each others company (food is lovely too), but the presents seem to be a thing. I will try to figure these things out soon - the clock is ticking. Best start writing my lists today... >_<



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