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Lots of Talent in Norfolk County

Aside from lawn care, Jody and myself are the proud parents of twin 14 year olds.  They couldn't be more different: one is an athletic driven, AAA hockey player for the Cambridge Hawks about to embark on the biggest year of his  life.  And the other, an artistitic dance crazed ballerina.  The one thing they share in common is their drive for success and perfection.   They both spend hours upon hours training in their respective fields each week.  They don't get their sumers off....they train.... and then they train more.... This past weekend, I spent with my daughter finishing off her competitive dance season with the Lisa Naves Dance company in Simcoe.  Lisa always puts on a remarkably entertaining weekend complied of three shows at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford.   Both teams, recreational and competitive come together and share their love of dance with their peers and with family and friends.  It's really amazing the incredible talent that comes out of Norfolk County.  A dancer is a special breed, as Lisa would say.  He or she spends hours in a room where they critique themselves and work so hard to become better and better.  Even when they hurt. They keep working harder and harder.  My daughter Marley, appears on stage, performance after performance, with a smile on her face and energy pumping through her arms and legs-but inside her feet are in pain.  The solid wood blocks that she balances her toes and body weight on make her cringe as the music plays on.  But of course she makes it through each number without any major glitches and the audience can never tell.  It makes me so proud to watch her beauty and grace and her wearing her heart on the stage for all of Norfolk to see.  She loves to dance.  She and her fellow dance team members have shared many vulnerabe moments together.  They have laughed and they have cried.  They have won and they have lost.  And when they finish their competitive season with a fun filled weekend full of dance and I love it when all their hard work comes together for them and for their community.   It was a great weekend LNDC....and an amazing season.  "dance as if no one is watching"......

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April 18, 2024
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July 22, 2020
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