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A Growing We Will Go

The turn of events in the weather atmosphere has had us spining!

With a crash and a thump we fell from warm to cold to freezing to... holy cow it's SPRING!


We thought we were ahead of the game sending out the estimates to existing customers in March, but then we had to spice it up and jump right into services by the first week of April! We had thought last year, when we started April 15, that it had been an early start.. but no, no, this year had to put that to shame!


So here we are! Flying! We have already completed the first round of corn gluten application (for crab grass prevention) and are working our way through the first round of Spring granular fertilizer applications.


Our cutting crews started their lists this week, only to be interrupted by monsoon rains yesterday, which then paused only to restart in the evenings leaving marshy ground for the morning.

As a Spring move, Celia also purchased some plants for the office a couple weeks ago.

... Too late has she learned that if she does not want me to kill them, they should be cacti.




However, I will do my best! Today I have managed to identify them - thanks to some input from a staff member at Park Road Veterinary Clinic. They have one of the types of plants in their exam room, which we saw while our dogs were donating blood to the Canadian Animal Blood Bank. Of course, it is a plant named after my least favourite species: Snake plant - Sansevieria. I am now going to google the heck out of how this thing is supposed to be cared for, starting with this article.


The other plant appears to be a Calanthea. This one is taking a bit of a hit already under my attentions, so I am hoping I can revive it! Starting with this article, but I think I will need more information for this one. The leaves are already yellowing and I keep seeing a lot of contrary diagnosis so... we will start from step 1.


I like plants, don't get me wrong, but I have never dealt with ones like this. At home I pride my self on orchids (constructive neglect) and succulents/cacti. As such, I make no promises. But. If I manage to kill these plants (that cost the company money) I will replace them with a Spider plant and perhaps some cacti... nothing like having a plan B.

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Katie Goliboski
April 25, 2024
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Celia Kirk
July 22, 2020
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