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Closing of one season, waiting on the true start of the next!

Yesterday was the day that we finished up the Fall clean ups. This is where we go to properties, rake up leaves (either to take them away or pile/bag for the property owner), cut back tall grasses, and tidy up any seasonal plants (as requested). 


This weather has been UNBELIEVABLE for this time of year! We were able to take on more clean ups than we had originally planned due to the mild temperatures and lack of "the white stuff". The unfortunate part is we are still receiving calls from new customers looking to have the clean ups done. We regret to say that we are having to decline accepting these requests, as we must put away our Fall supplies and tools in order to ensure we have our Winter items/supplies to hand for the early (usually before sunrise) preparation to salt and shovel. We are entering into a holding pattern to be prepared to ensure sidewalks and driveways are safe.

For those who wonder when they should request a Fall clean up to ensure we are able to complete it before our change over: please call us in October to set it on the schedule. That way we are able to plan when we can quote it and have a rough idea of when we can complete it, and how many team members it will take. Your intel on what your yard usually requires is very helpful with this process. We do reach out to past Fall clean up clients usually in the beginning of October to initiate this process, but do not be afraid to contact us first!



We have finalized our Snow Lists as well, and are therefore unable to accept new inquiries for theses services (in both our Simcoe and Cambridge locations). We apologize for the disappointment, however please understand that although we are excited about the amount of snow staff we have this year (we have a fair number of new hires that we have great hopes for this Winter!), we have to be realistic about the number of properties that we can reliably manage. We also have to prioritize our existing/all year clients as well, since we wish to reward their loyalty (our customers mean a lot to us). We also must have a cut off for adding to our snow list - snow management is something we cannot modify on a short notice, we must have a plan for these 2am wake ups! As such, we are not able offer more snow services this year.


We are on that weird tightrope of being excited and anticipating the snow... but also enjoying the lack thereof. Who knows what Mother Nature will bring, but we are doing our best to be ready for it!

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April 25, 2024
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July 22, 2020
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