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Canada: four season, one day


    So much of our business rides on the weather. Not only the forecast, which can be sketchy at best, but also on what Mother Nature presents us on the day! This has become harder and harder to predict of late - we cannot even rely on the trends that occurred earlier this year (our fairly warm Winter), as we seem stuck on a yo-yo of weather with no rhyme or reason!


    Yesterday into today, for instance, started off reasonable in the morning, rising to warm as the day progressed. Nothing too outrageous, all considered. However, come 5:00pm, suddenly it was uncomfortably humid, causing sweat to to roll, clothes to stick, and thirst to rise. This was managed. Then the weather decided to up to impact, and brought about rain and thunderstorms, with thunder that shook the house and rain that filled water buckets. The sky was a tawny yellow, the clouds a range of tones of gray, and the trees shook in the sudden wind gusts!


    My ducks were ecstatic.


    After this settled, the sun attempted to come out for its last hour of glory. With it, the temperature began to drop, becoming once again comfortable. All became calm and quiet, just in time for bed.


    When morning broke, the temperature was cool, the sky clear, and the rooster crowed. My thermometer said it was 12 C out. Rose to 15 C as I prepped for work and completed the morning chores. I packed a sweater for in the office, just in case.


    Arrival at work denoted a change in temperature to 18 C. The sun is strong, and the sky clear, and the weather app on my phone says our high is to be 25 C by 4:00pm. The AC is now on in the office, and although my sweater is on, it is highly driven by the natural cooling of a sedentary body (not much exercising while phones are answered, emails responded to, and blogs written). 


    I will take this range of temperature change over the painfully high temperatures of last week. When it is warned that "with the humidex it will feel like 38 C", that is too much for me. I am a fair weather girl, 21 C and below thank you very much. Those high temperatures also muddled up some of our lawn treatment schedules, as the weed control product can only be applied when there is no rain for at least 3 hours following application, and temperatures lower than 29 C or so. With our range of rain and roasting last week, this became a precarious situation. However, with the more level conditions of this week, we were able to catch up and round 2 of our treatments have been completed. Now to just prepare for round 3 in August.


    The only concern I have it when will we get a Summer snow fall?

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April 25, 2024
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July 22, 2020
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