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Jody's Lawn Care in Cambridge, ON

So Jody's Lawn Care is in Cambridge, ON....well we have  been for a few years now, but we are just starting to build it bigger and bigger.  I was told to blog. bog. and blog.  This wil help to improve our ratings on google to help get our business recognized and moving up to the top of the search engine.  So that's what I am doing.....blogging....what a weird word.  Regardless, everyone knows what it means these days so here I am.  So a little information about our lawn care company.  Jody started his business on his bicycle 22 years ago.  It was his dream to have the largest lawn care company in Norfolk County.  I would certainly agree that he has achieved that goal.  But Jody is a very driven business person.  He is always thinking about ways to improve his business, serve more clients, and help people achieve a beautiful yard.  It might be as simple as keeping the lawn looking beautiful or the gardens weeded.  But it even goes as far as small landscaping jobs, patios and rock gardens.  We don't do a lot of landscaping like these, but we do like to offer the occassional service of creative design.  After so many years of serving Simcoe and Port Dover he decided to follow his son into the city of Cambridge, ON ( where he plays hockey) and Jody decided to start the business there.  We developed a nice network of friends and colleagues in Cambridge and we decided to give it a try.  It actually took off like crazy.  Everyone wanted to try us out.  But as a good businessman knows, it's not safe to grow too quickly too fast.  So Jody was careful and approached the rapid growth carefully.  One of our lead foremans from Simcoe and his family had made the decision to move to Cambridge, ON for other reasons.  So we took that as a sign and allowed Neil to help us run this division along with Jody.   It was fate that Neil was moving here and we could use our knowledge and vast skill set that we had created in Simcoe and put it to the test in a new location.  And it is super successful here in Cambridge, ON.  We have wonderful clientel here in town.  They work well with us and we are happy to serve them and provide our quality services.  I can't wait to see where Jody's Lawn Care ends up in the next ten years.  Jody has a great vision and Im proud of him and the company he has built.  It's so exciting to see the growth in our new location!  Jody's Lawn Care is in Cambridge, ON!!!!!! 

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April 25, 2024
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July 22, 2020
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