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Below are a few of your questions we receive a lot. We don't mind hearing from you!
Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions...


Is Fiesta Pet/Child friendly? 

Although Fiesta is an environmentally friendly product it can stain the pads of animal paws, and can sensitize skin after prolonged exposure.
It is advised to keep pets and children off of the treated area for three hours after the lawn has been sprayed
in order to allow for product dry time.

How often should I water after seeding my lawn?

We recommend that you water the lawn every day for the first two to three weeks until germination is achieved.  Keep the seeded area damp; overwatering can cause the seed to runoff and pool in low lying areas. 



Should I water after a fertilizer application?

We do recommend watering after fertilization.  Although our product is a slow release fertilizer if there is no rain in the forecast and conditions
are dry, the fertilizer shouldn’t be left to sit for too long, as it may affect the overall health of your lawn. 


How often will my lawn be cut?

We generally cut our lawns based on a weekly schedule.  This all depends on the time of year, weather, and growth.
We like to work with our clients to establish a schedule that works for both parties. 



My grass didn’t grow this week.  Can I cancel or reschedule for next week?

Yes.  Please call or email the office providing us with 36-hour notice (each time) to avoid a site visit charge. 
You will be automatically transferred to be serviced the following week.  And your weekly service will resume. 



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