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Have you turned on your heat yet?

The change in season brings beautiful Fall colours, pumpkins, warm drinks, and one disagreement in the household: is it time to turn on the furnace yet?


There always seems to develop a parting of beliefs in homes (and correct me if I am wrong, but often men vs. women) regarding when the heat should be turned on and at what temperature setting. In my home, I will hold out if I can -- I was raised by a cost concious mother who had a hard rule of "no furnace until December 1st"! Until then we donned sweaters, warm socks, and snuggled under blankets. The cats were useful too as purring heat sources.

My husband on the other hand, is quick to flick the setting to 'on' for the thermostat. This creates a war within myself and between he and I. I get that he feels cold (although how is a mystery to me when he is larger and usually emits a radiation of at least 120 degrees), howver he not only turns it on, but the temperature setting invariably rises over 22 C (72 for those that work in F), at which point I start to get twitchy with discomfort and sweat. I was not created to live below the equator. There also rises the cost efficient spirit in my soul that reminds me that "as long as you have a sweater available, you can save on the cost of the heating bill"! My husband assures me "it's not that much" but it is difficult to press back hardwiring from childhood.

And so, the war begins.

He turns it on and up.

I turn it down.

I wake up to it set for 25, turn it down then think "heck with it, no one is home during the day" and turn it off.

He will grumble and curse when he comes home about "how cold it is in here!" and on it goes.

This is a dance that we practice every year, and it will level out when I program a heating schedule that suits us, and perhaps arrange appropriate airflow in our home to ensure the heat dispersal is consistent - determining which doors must remain open between rooms, and which fans help/hinder. 

This link may be helpful in curbing my cost conerns:

Fall is here and with it we begin to prepare for Winter -  as long as our marriage can survive the transition.


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