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New Grass Seed


A week into June and we are about to see some warmer weather approaching.  This really has been the perfect spring for growing conditions.  We've had optimum combinations of cool weather, rain, warm weather and sunshine.  I can't remember the last time we had such a perfect spring season.  It's getting close now to the end of "seeding" season.  We've actually done more seed jobs this year than most previous because of the ideal weather.  Although, one of the common things we hear about seed is " My grass seed is not growing and all Im getting is weeds".   We do promise to provide the best soil, the highest quality of seed blends and fertilizer for new grass.  And promise to supply you with tips and advise along the way.  We want your grass to grow as much as you do. Unfortunately for us, once the soil is put down and seed is layed, it really is up to the clients and most of all 'mother nature' to nurture their unborn grass seed. 


Here's how we can help.  Besides the obvious need for constant water, there are somethings that people forget when they are watching for their baby grass to grow.  


1) it takes time and patience to grow new grass.  One year we seeded our own lawn.  And it was a very large area so it cost us quite a large amount of money.  To our great disappoontment, it didn't grow much.  Jody was beside himself and discouraged because we did everything we were supposed to do.  Not to mention it was expensive!  But low and behold....the following was a miracle!!! Lush green grass.  Full and thick. And gorgeous! It was truly amazing, because we didn't expect it such glowing results.  We just had to wait.  


2) it requires a lot of nurishment and water.  Just like a new born baby.  As your grass seed germinates it really is at its most vulnerable stage, and requires constant care.  Lots of slow but steady rainfall or sprinkler water morning and night.  Remember it has to go deep into the soil and stay moist deep down where the roots grow, not just on the surface.  Then if it's warm out during the day and it gets some sunshine, you'll need to go and water it thoroughly again.  I know it sounds like a lot of work.  But raising baby grass is a little like new born babies, they need a lot of care.  And not just in the first few days, all summer until it is fully grown.  


3) It's very hard to stop weeds from growing in along with your new baby grass.  Unfortunately it does happen.  The best thing we can do here, is pull them gently by hand and remove them;  providing your new seed optimum space to grow wide.  Once your grass is fully grown, we can discuss weed control and fertilizer programs, but in the meantime, weeds do surface and we can remove them by hand by keping a close eye on them. 


4) call the office and talk with our specialists.  We understand that each property is unique and everyone's soil composition is different.  Your lawns success is our success.  We WANT your grass to look beautiful. 


Have a great day! 

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