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introducing Fiesta Weed killer

Introducing Fiesta Weed Killer

Everyone wants to be eco friendly these days.  Go Green! Be environmentally friendly! Reduce, Reuse, recycle.  These are all familiar slogans out there in hopes that people will move towards healthier living.  And it encourages lawn care companies and pesticide users to search for alternatives too.   That's why we have been studying about fiesta. Fiesta is an organic mineral-based herbicide.  It works best as a spot treatment and on broadleaf weeds found commonly in your back yard.  It works quickly and effectively, killing the weed right down to the root ( but not your grass)!  It is dry and rainfast in three hours!! Safe for your pets and children and you can mow and reseed your lawn all within 24 hours of spraying your lawn.  

We all want fast results these days.  Fiesta begins to work on contact with the weed and visible weed damage is noticible within the first day.  The best part is that each year that our clients choose to "go green" we find less and less weeds!  Which means that after continual use of the product and committment to the program, we can move towards a better environment and still have weed free lawns.  

Our technicians are trained and supervised by licenced operators.  Study for application and training is done through the University of Guelph and all technicians are tested and or working towards their own personal certification.  


It's best to spray during certain weather conditions- so if you're scheduled to be sprayed and its piping hot outside, you can expect us the following day early in the morning or later in the evening when things have cooled down.  If you want more information about the product itself, pleases contact our office!  

Well that's all for now- it's friday and I am signing off for the weekend.  My children have a P.A day today so we are heading outside to enjoy some beautiful spring weather.  Have a great weekend! 

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