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Tips for Leaving Messages with JLC!

With the oncoming warm season, and the massive uptick in outdoor activities here by our staff (including myself), our customers may notice that there is a surge in having to leave messages on our answering machine or email.


This is not a bad thing! We will strive to return your communications the next business day, however, to make this process more efficient, I thought perhaps I would suggest a few tips.


#1 Be sure to relay your address

     Whether you are a potential new customer or a seasoned loyalist, it is always helpful to provide your address so that we know where we are envisioning. It also makes searching in our database a smidge easier.


#2 Please pronounce your phone number slowly

     We all know how we become programmed to rattle off our phone number, however, please be sure you speak it slow enough that we can hear it down the long tunnels of the telephone wires. The pattern of three numbers, pause, three numbers, pause, three numbers has actually been studied and found to be a mnemonic memory tool.  We as humans are better able to process values in that pattern; this means we are more likely to interpret what we are hearing and be able to record it correctly.


#3 Do not be afraid to repeat your phone number

    Although technology is great, even when we press the button that is made to relay to us the date/time and number that left the message, sometimes (if your listing is fancy) it will only reiterate a name. Therefore, we appreciate if you repeat the phone number, just in case we did not get it the first time.


#4 A brief description is fine

     Since we are going to be calling you back regardless, even if our response may not be in the affirmative, a one or two sentence description of your topic will suit us fine, just enough to put us in the right direction. Unfortunately, our messaging system does have a time out length, so we want to be sure that the contact details are a priority.


We understand that you are calling us with a topic that is on the top of your to-do list, and we endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible; as such, we appreiate when you understand that we are not always able to comply immediately, especially when setting up new services. We must be sure that everything is correctly quoted, scheduled and prepared for - as the saying goes, "measure twice, cut once"! With the quick start to the season our estimator (a.k.a our Manager Jeremy) is often pulled in many directions on a given day. Jeremy is best able to predict the needs and most efficient ways to addressing your lawn and garden plans. This lawn care experience also makes him key to directing our teams. Your patience for quotes and service scheduling is greatly valued by us.


We are honoured to be your choice for your lawn and garden care needs, and we look forward to working with you this season!


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